Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What is Kiev Stag Party (KSP)?

2.      What are the advantages of using KSP to plan our trip?

3.      Can I book just the apartment or activities?

4.      Do you handle Air tickets along with Train tickets?

5.      Do I need a visa to come to Ukraine?

6.      What is the best time to go to Kiev?

7.      What is the weather like?

8.      What languages are spoken in Ukraine and will I get by speaking only English?


Activity Booking: 

1.      How do I book an activity or a package?

2.      What happens if I have to change my dates or change my mind about the activities I chose?

3.      Do you offer medical insurance for some of the riskier activities?

4.      What happens in the event of bad weather if our activity is outdoors?


Apartment Booking:

1.      Why is an apartment rental better for us than a Hotel?

2.      What are the standard check in and check out times?

3.      What is the apartment booking procedure?

4.      How do we get to the apartment we booked?

5.      What if our flight, train or bus is delayed?

6.      Is renting an apartment in Kiev safe?

7.      What is included with the apartment?

8.      What if something at the apartment does not function properly?

9.      What if someone else joins me in the apartment?

10.  What if I have to change my arrival or departure date?

11.  Is there high speed Internet available at the apartments?



1.      What will I be charged at the time of booking an activity?

2.      What will I be charged at the time of booking an apartment?

3.      What payment methods do you accept?

4.      Is your online payment system safe?

5.      Is security deposit required for my apartment?

6.      How and where will I pay for the balance of my apartment?

7.      How and where will I pay for the balance of my activity or service?

8.      Are there any hidden costs?

9.      Do you offer any discounts?


General Answers:

1.      Kiev Stag Party (KSP) is a specialist activity planner and accommodations provider with a niche focus for large groups. We specialize in planning weekend holidays or stag hen bachelor parties in Kiev Ukraine. We founded the company in 2009 because we recognized a gap in high quality activity planning offered for non-Russian speaking clients.

2.      As a specialty activity and accommodations provider, we have deep expertise and knowledge of Western tourist group expectations. Over the years, we have compiled valuable database of activity providers and large apartment accommodations. Our familiarity with this market means that we can offer you all the options imaginable, including bulk packages or tailor a perfectly suited trip just for your group.  Not only that, but we will save you hours of hassle and frustration of trying to organize activity on your own – and we will do it at a lower cost than if you did it directly!

3.      Yes of course you can book just an apartment or just an activity. You can book one or the other (or both) with us, but there are no requirements to book every piece of your trip through us.  However, do not forget that we offer deeper discounts when entire packages are booked.

4.      We do not handle Airline tickets since it is just as easy to book them yourself on the Internet. There are many discount Airlines flying to Kiev, for instance Wizz Airlines is one of the more popular ones. We can however, purchase in advance train tickets and arrange basically every other form of transportation for your trip in Ukraine.

5.      Citizens of European Union and United States do not require visa for visit to Ukraine as long as your stay does not exceed 90 days.  For citizens from other countries, please contact us or your local Ukrainian Embassy for visa requirements.

6.      Every season has its advantages. Obviously winter time allows for savings due to low tourist activity. However, depending on personal preference - the warm months are the best time for a visit as some of the activities we offer can only be done during warm months. Furthermore, many of the city’s cafes and restaurants have outdoor seating which can only be enjoyed during the warm months.

However, winter is a popular time for those seeking a more genuine feel of a city and overall lower number of tourists all around along with all kinds of bargains. Also please keep in mind that University season is in-force during winter time and as a result many nightclubs are packed with student girls looking to blow off some steam from their studies.

7.      Weather in Kiev is similar to Northern Europe, albeit slightly milder. The coldest months are December through February and the summers can be fairly hot but humidity is almost never an issue. Temperatures in July and August can reach 34C/94F. During the peak of the cold in February the mean temperature is – 3C. Furthermore, winter time in Kiev can be particularly beautiful despite its cold weather, with snow covered streets and clear blue skies providing great sunshine. 

8.      Most commonly used language in Kiev is Russian. Ukrainian is also used frequently.  English is spoken by younger people, especially in the city center. You will not have any problems being understood speaking English in bars, restaurants, nightclubs or shops – especially if they are located in the center of the city.


Activity Answers: 

1.      You can book activity, apartment or any other service from us by sending us an email at with the details of your request. The booking can also be done via selecting the specific activity or apartment through our online database and filling out the respective booking form.  We respond within 24 hours (often much sooner) to all requests.  You can also call us at: (+3800000)

2.      Cancellations or changes of activities are free until payment of deposit.  Each activity is different and therefore cancellation policies vary. We pride ourselves on being flexible and we always work hard to make sure that your deposit is saved for either a refund or at the very least credit for future stay. However, certain activities where other clients may have been turned away due to your booking may not be refundable.  Please contact us for more cancellation information relating to the specific activity.

If you need to make changes to number of people on your activity after the deposit has been paid, simply email us or call us and we will recalculate the price and modify your booking.

3.      We do not offer medical or health insurance associated with any of our activities. Medical services in the rare cases they are required are inexpensive in Ukraine compared to other countries. However, you may inquire about purchasing travel health insurance in your home country when planning your trip.

4.      If you have an outdoor activity planned and the weather does not permit it to take place due to rain or snow, we will postpone it to the following day (or day of your choice). If you are unable to perform the activity on a postponement basis – we will issue a full refund.


Apartment Booking Questions:

1.      Apartment rental is a very popular Hotel alternative solution throughout Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe.  It is a developed and established industry. Typically after clients stay at an apartment, they never return to the Hotels. In many instances we have clients that initially book a Hotel in Kiev, only to call us days later seeking to move to an apartment. Apartments simply offer a much better value - accommodations are located in the very center and cost fractions of the Hotels. Further, many clients prefer privacy and want to feel at home – both of which are easily archived with an apartment rental vs. small Hotel room. All of our apartments have kitchens so you can feel right at home as soon as you arrive. Some of the higher end properties also have outdoor patios, Jacuzzis, saunas and more.

Additionally, when traveling with a large group – apartments are simply a better solution than a Hotel room. For example, a 3 bedroom apartment can easily accommodate 4 single tenants or up to 4 couples and cost literally 25% of what the equivalent Hotel rooms would cost to accommodate same number of tenants. Further, if you are staying with friends you will have total privacy at the apartment - as opposed to Kiev Hotels which carefully view guests coming in and out and often restrict guests from coming in without additional payments.

2.      Check-In is from 13:00 (1pm) and check out is by 12:00 (12pm). If these times do not suite you, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please understand that we are limited in our ability to provide early and late check-ins or outs since clients have the right to remain at the apartment until 12pm on check out date. If you wish to be 100% sure you can check in right away after early morning flight as an example, you may book the apartment from the night before – guaranteeing early check in. Similarly you can book the apartment for the extra night in the event you need late check-out. It may be possible to also charge 50% of one nights’ rent in these instances, so please contact us to see what can be done as every case is different.

3.      Once you select an apartment you wish to reserve – you will need to fill out the booking form located on the individual apartment page. Once your form is received, we will respond within 24 hours (usually much sooner) with availability and payment instructions via email. We can also call you if that is your desired contact method. Once availability is confirmed, we will place the apartment on hold for 24 hours until your deposit is received. During this time, the apartment is not offered to any other clients.

If the apartment you chose is not available, we will offer you other options using your original selection as the baseline for our offers. So your alternative apartments offered will be similar to the ones you chose originally. If you do not like the alternative options, please let us know and we can always see if there are more options we can offer.

4.      There are two basic ways to check in:

A.    You can reserve Airport transfer from us in which case our driver will meet you at the Airport and take you directly to your booked accommodation to check you in.

B.     You can call us upon your arrival (please let us know in advance approximately what time you are arriving) and our manager will meet you directly at your reserved accommodation to check you in. Alternatively you may also come to our office to pick up the keys if you do not have ability to call us.

5.      If your transportation is arranged through us, please be assured that our driver will meet you at any hour that you land. We work 24/7 and we keep track of flight delays, however, if you miss your flight or expect major delays we do ask you to email us or call us immediately with updated arrival information.

6.      Renting a short term apartment in Kiev is a very safe option.  All of the apartments we offer are located in the absolute center of the city which is safer than many of the Western European capitals.  Further, almost all of the buildings where our apartments in Kiev are located are offered with safety features such as door codes at the common entrance and in some cases a doorman.  Otherwise, Kiev is perfectly safe except for standard petty crime issues such as pick pocketing. Since our company’s origination, we have not had a single safety incident associated with any of the apartments.

7.      The apartment includes all the essentials of a Hotel room. Maid service is conducted before check in and we provide further maid service every 4th day of your stay (upon request). Many of our clients do not wish to be disturbed, so we ask you to let us know which days you would like maid service to take place. Further, the apartments include linens (including sheets & pillows for the convertible couch in the living rooms), towels, kitchen towels, kitchen utensil and all other essentials. The apartments do not include soap or shampoo so please bring your own.  Daily maid service is available for an extra charge.

8.      If something breaks or malfunctions in your apartment, we will dispatch a repairman to fix the problem as soon as possible. We employ a variety of specialists so typically we can fix issues almost instantly when they arise. In an absolute worst case scenario, if the problem cannot be fixed in a reasonable time frame, we will relocate you to another apartment of equivalent or better standard at no extra cost.

9.      There are no extra charges for having guests at the apartment. However, we do ask that you inform us about the number of full time tenants that will be staying at the apartment so we can plan accordingly. Note that some apartments will not allow more than a defined number of guests to stay full time without surcharges.  If you have a particularly large group and would like to make sure no extra charges are due for additional full time guests, please contact us in regards to the specific apartment you are reserving.

10.  Booking an apartment is a mutual commitment. We as an agency do not offer the apartment to any clients after your dates have been confirmed and you as a client agree to accept the apartment for the pre agreed dates. However, we understand that plan changes are a natural occurrence – so please let us know as soon as possible if you need to change your dates. Do understand that the deposit may be lost, especially if arrival date is postponed on last minute basis. We try to be as flexible as possible to salvage deposits and create credits for future stays in the events of cancellations.

11.  All of our apartments in Kiev have high speed Internet. Connections vary from Ethernet cable (broadband) to Wi Fi. If the apartment does not have Wi Fi connection listed under details, note that we can install Wi Fi connection in any apartment for a one-time fee of $10.


Payments answers: 

1.      For activity confirmation we will typically require 25% deposit of the total cost. Deposits for activities vary, so please contact us with the specific activity or package in mind to find out the requirement.

2.      Once we confirm availability of the apartment you chose, we will require one night’s rate deposit for all stays 7 nights or less. For stays 8-14 nights a deposit of 2 nights is required. For stays excess of 15 nights, we require deposits of three nights or more.

3.      For deposit purposes we accept the following payment methods:

·         All major credit cards

·         PayPal

·         Bank Transfers ($20 fee per international wire)

·         Western Union

·         Direct deposit into our US corporate bank account (Citibank or HSBC)

4.      We take online security very seriously. Our credit card processing is done through a major bank in United States and online encryption meets the highest standards with true 264-bit on page encryption.

5.      The balance of the payment for your apartment is due at check in. We do not have ability to charge credit cards on the spot so the balances are due in cash. Currencies that can be used for balance are US dollars, Euros or UAH.  In some rare cases, we can make arrangements to prepay your full stay or service by credit card or via Bank transfer. Please contact us for more information.

6.      The balance of the payment for your arranged activity or service will be due at the inception of the arranged service. In other words, the balance will be due at the time activity or service is provided.  If you wish to prepay your activity, this may be done on a selective basis. Please contact us for more details.

7.      We require security deposit for all apartments. The security deposits vary depending on the apartment and the group size. Amounts vary from $50 - $300 per apartment.  We issue an invoice for the security deposit and it is refunded in full upon departure barring any damage at the apartment.

8.      There are no hidden costs of any sort. All taxes and VAT are built into our prices. The only item that is extra is a one-time handling fee of 5% that gets charged to the electronic portion of your payment (deposits).  The balances due do not have this fee.

9.      Of course! While we already guarantee our prices to be the lowest of any of our competitors, we are always flexible and will work with you to fit into your budget. Further discounts are also available for particularly large groups and repeat clients. 

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